Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Caught in Amber

Hello Crafty Friends,

I usually try to keep my blog strictly to crafty matters but today I will make an exception and express an opinion that normally I would keep to myself.

Following a recent presentation on macro photography, I was shown some outstanding close-up and very detailed images of butterflies apparently visiting flowers and other plants in the garden.  However, all was not quite as it seemed.  I understand that the method of achieving these photographic gems was to capture the butterflies and keep them in a cool environment.  When they were suitably chilly and dopey and the conditions were right for the photographer, these delicate little creatures were arranged on the plants where they would remain until they were warm enough to fly away. This would give the photographer a contrived photo opportunity.  Some might say that this is fair game.  Personally I think it is cruel and interfering unnecessarily with nature, all in the name of art.  I know there are far more outrageous practices to worry about in the natural world but this is one that happened to cross my radar and made me feel incredibly sad for these short-lived creatures.

So, back to the craft world and my sample today.  Although my subject appears to be 'caught in amber' no butterflies were harmed in making this card.  Much more humane don't you think?

Products Used: 

Leafy Swirl Stamp Set 
  • White card base 6” x 6”
  • Stencil Card cut to 5.25” x 5.25” & 4” x 4” (ACC-CA-30095-77)
  • Taupe colour ink pad
  • Black Memento ink pad
  • Artistry Ink Blending Set (INK-AT-50367-XX)
  • Alcohol Marker pens
  • Ultra-thick clear embossing powder and heat gun
  • Small foil pie dish and wooden clothes peg or similar 
  • Stamp a border around the 5.25” square card with Leafy Swirl stamp and with taupe ink blend lightly 
  • Stamp butterfly on 4” square card using Memento, colour with alcohol markers and blend taupe around border.
  • Tip a tablespoon of clear ultra thick embossing powder into foil tray, hold with peg and heat from below until molten
  • While still molten hot pour over butterfly (on a heat proof surface) to create a ‘caught in amber’ effect.  Leave to cool completely
  • Mat and layer on to base card

Thank you for visiting me today, your company and comments are very much appreciated.

x Anne


  1. A lovely card and I'm with you on your comments about this awful practice for the sake of a good photograph. Sadly there are always people who will cheat their way in the world one way or another - no conscience obviously.

  2. Fab card Anne! agree with you as well about the butterflies as many people take beautiful photos of them in the wild with no need for this! One of my favourite creatures. Hope you are both keeping well xx

  3. What an amazing technique Anne - thank you for sharing the 'how to'.
    I think like you that chilling the wee butterflies until they are torpid is unnecessary!
    Stay safe

  4. That is such a cool effect Anne and without any harm to butterflies too. xx